Harvest blanket

This weave effect chunky monkey is so easy to create!

For his particular blanket I have used So Crafty from Aldi (UK) a chenille yarn called Baby yarn in Teal and Copper. And a 8mm hook.

Chain up as many Double Crochet as you wish using the 3 times table. Whether you chain or use a foundationless chain. Each row starts with a chain 3. Continue stitches from the st/post after. Work the next row as follows. using Cooper.

Row 2. *Back post double crochet the first 3 posts below. Front post the next 3 posts below.* repeat to the end.

Row 3. Judging by what the last 3 set of post stitches were worked on row 2. We follow the way they have been placed. For instance if you have finished with 3 FPDC, then you start Row 3 with 3 BPDC. Or if you have finished row 2 with 3 BPDC then you start Row 3 with 3 FPDC. *repeat Row 2 based on this format.

Row 4. this row is the opposite to what the previous 3 rows have followed. Now we work 3 BPDC onto a set of 3 FPDC and repeat this to the end.

Row 5 & 6. Work as you would do for row 3’s instructions. Follow what the 3 posts are worked below.

Repeat rows 2-3 (covering 3 rows)

Repeat rows 4-6 (covering 3 rows)

After 6 rows I have changed colours and for the next set of 3 rows I have alternated teal, copper, teal. then returned to cooler for the next 6 rows.this will be my recipe for the pattern.

I hope this has been a helpful recipe for a fun blanket for autumn makes!


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