Bean Ripple Blanket.

The perfect baby blanket pattern!

For this project I am using Aldi’s ‘So Crafty’ Double Knit acrylic yarn. In the colours Putty, Tan, Cornfield, Dark Teal & Plum. a 5.5mm Hook.

Repeat 29, as many times as you require for the width you are wanting, and add 19. (for my project I am calculating 29×5+19=164CH this gives me a blanket measuring 39″/99cm wide before the border.

For the stitches, we need to learn the Bean ST and to decrease a Bean.

  • BS= Bean Stitch
  • SC= Single Crochet
  • CH= Chain
  • DTOG2BS= Decrease Together 2 Bean stitch (also known as the valley.)
  • SK= skip
  • ST= stitch
  • YO= Yarn

The Bean stitch. Insert your hook into the CH. Pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same CH space. pull up a loop, (4 loops on your hook) YO, insert hook pull up a loop, YO pull through all 6 loops. CH1.

Decreasing a Bean stitch. DTOG2BS. (This stitch is over 3 Chains.) Insert hook into CH, pull up a loop. YO insert hook into same CH, pull up a loop. Skip a CH, insert hook into next CH, pull up as loop, YO insert a hook into the same CH, YO pull through 7 loops. CH1.

2XBS in the same space is the Peak, DTOG2BS is the Valley.


Row 1. CH as you need. SC into the 2nd CH from your hook. CH1. *SK1. BS next* x3.

**SK1. DTOG2BS (valley) over next 3 ST. *SK1. BS next* x6 SK1. 2xBS (peak) same CH. *SK1. BS next* x6 **

Repeat ** to** for your desired repeats however many 29 repeats you chained.) you should have 11 chains left. SK1. DTOG2BS over the next 3 ST. *SK1 BS* x3. CH1. SK1. SC last ST.

Row 2. CH1. SC into ST below. CH1. BS into first chain space below (directly after SC & before last BS made on R1.)

SK BS and BS into the space between the 2 BS below LEFT side of the strand that sits in the centre of the space. shown in the image above. (this is the CH1 the completes the BS) SK BS and BS next space between the two below.

Valley; *DTOG2BS. Insert your hook into the first space before the DTOG2BS (LEFT after the strand in the centre) pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into the same space. pull up a loop. (4 loops on hook) insert hook into the space AFTER the DTOG2BS. pull up a loop. YO insert hook into the same space. (7 loops on hook) YO pull through all 7 loops. CH1.

SK BS below and BS into the space between the two BS below and repeat **SK BS, BS into next space** 6 times to the ‘top’ of the ‘Peak’ 2xBS into the space between the 2BS that are in the same CH. Repeat ** to ** 6 more times.*

Repeat *to* to the end finish with the last 3 BS CH1 and SC into last ST.

Repeat Row 2 as many times as you desire to the length you wish your blanket to reach.

To achieve this sequence of colours in this order. I chose 5 shades of the same brand of yarn. using the colour Putty, (the oatmeal colour) as a breaker, then 4 colours like this

  • Putty
  • colour A
  • colour B
  • colour C
  • colour D
  • Putty
  • Colour D
  • Colour C
  • Colour B
  • Colour A
  • Putty

Repeat from the top. So you should have a mirror image for each section between the Putty colour. As seen in the image above, there is a repeat of 4 colours plus the putty, I am almost at the end of a full 100g skein for each colour, I expect to double this amount for the length I need, so 2x100g per colour & 5 colours so that’s 1000g! and maybe 50-100g extra for the border. But again, it’s all up to how wide and how long you want to go.

I hope you enjoyed my pattern for the Bean ripple blanket!

Love Nai X

P.s Let me see how you go by Tagging my account @nai.nai.makes

email me at for any further enquires.


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